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Levels DSC_4046

Levels DSC_4046


"Oh my," Mr. Barrenwine exclaimed softly but in a tone that carried his great exasperation fully into the room. "I've left that down by the traps again!"

"Oh my," Mrs. Barrenwine repeated, as softly but with a secret smile. "I guess you'll have to go down again and get it. It needs to get cleaned and I can't clean it if it's down by the traps."

"Sometimes," said Mr. Barrenwine, "I really feel like using strong language."

"I know," said Mrs. Barrenwine, "but you never do, do you?"

"No, I never do," agreed Mr. Barrenwine, now completely defeated.

"Of course not," said Mrs. Barrenwine. "And when you get back, if you're not too tired, we'll share a glass together, won't we?"

"Yes," said Mr. Barrenwine, "just like we always do."

"I'll get the bottle down," said Mrs. Barrenwine. "Now go on. That chair and that TV can wait. They always do."

"I know," said Mr. Barrenwine, with a sigh as if the end of the world had just claimed him again. "They always do."

22 November 2021
Texas Jim
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
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