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Church and speedboat w sig-bord DSC_3288

Church and speedboat w sig-bord DSC_3288

All At Once Our minds are full so much sometimes we don't know what to do, which thought to pick Is it the speeding showy boat the brooding sky that might have something in for us or is it the church all boarded up where none can come to pray But if we know the nature of the canvas on which all these images appear we can relax like space impossibly proud 28 August 2021 Texas Jim Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Power Boats
Keywords:and, black, canada, cape, church, coast, coastline, cross, granite, islander, landscape, monochrome, motorboat, nova, prospect, rocks, rocky, scotia, sky, slope, speeding, splashy, steeple, stormy, tree-covered, wake, white