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The Rusted Bit w sig DSC_1722

The Rusted Bit w sig DSC_1722

The Rusted Bit
A vacant house and a property being pretty well cared for but there's always the rusty bits. I'll identify this place
later when my 'tour guide' gets back to me.

[EDIT] Okay, I was totally wrong. The house is not vacant. It is the home of famed Canadian photographer Sherman Hines. And he left the rust on the fence just to see if I would 'get it'.
[2nd EDIT] Okay, maybe house is vacant. Hines not in house and house for sale.
Category:Architecture and Structures
Subcategory:Home and Surroundings
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Keywords:Canadian, Hines, Nova, Scotia, Sherman, corrosion, decorative, fence, house, iron, lawn, mansion, photographer, rust, wrought