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Mast and Steeple DSC_9629

Mast and Steeple DSC_9629

Mast and Steeple

Sometimes I just wander around the village with my camera. Over the years my neighbours have got used to my doing this and are not so startled anymore. Yesterday evening I walked over to Johnny's to see how his porch repairs were coming along, but he wasn't there so I wandered on down to Joe's dock and saw Sam's boat up on the ramp while he is out of town. And there was this angle where a steeple and a mast seemed to have something in common.

23 June 2018
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Sail Yachts
Keywords:atlantic, background, boat, bow, canada, catboat, church, close-up, cove, dock, juxtaposition, mast, north, nova, ocean, prospect, sailboat, scotia, sea, steeple, village