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Among the Lost Cars w sig DSC_0014Arrangement w border DSC_0018Idling w border DSC_1020Low Rider w border DSC_1036Reunion w border DSC_1041The Moth Inside w border DSC_1044Acquired Colours w border DSC_1026Sanded Long Ago and Left w sig DSC_0010See the USA w sig DSC_1022Special w sig DSC_1032Studebaker - Extinct w sig DSC_1024The Hubcaps on the Hood w sig DSC_1021Super w sig DSC_1038Wild Thing in my Mind's Eye w sig DSC_1023The Tangle in the Sun w sig DSC_0009Cars in the Woods 24 w border DSC_0744Cars in the Woods 2 DSC_0740Cars in the Woods 3 w border DSC_0739Cars in the Woods 5 w border DSC_0744Cars in the Woods 4 w border DSC_0739

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