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In the Dead of Winter DSC_3412

In the Dead of Winter DSC_3412

In The Dead of Winter

We're calling out for blessed Spring.
Hear the wind howl.
For green and growing things
we're calling out right now.
Lord the grey face of Heaven
acts like not a word was heard
and all we hear is the wind.
Yes we know it will end.
Still the wind howls.
Still a cold embrace
insists forever is its name
says call it Daddy
so we howl along.
Even though it's dead wrong
we're howling out
and calling it a song.
Soon we'll remember
we're human, okay?
Soon we'll put
back on our smiling faces
and say it never took place.
We were never wolves. Ever.
Right. We'll see you next year then
about the time it's time for calling out again.
Oh, can't you hear the wind howl.

7 March 2019
Texas Jim
Peggy's Cove Wilderness Area, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:and, area, barrens, black, bleak, canada, clouds, cove, desolate, gray, ice, landscape, monochrome, moody, mountainous, nova, ominous, peggy's, rocky, scotia, sky, snow, threatening, white, wilderness, winter