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Seascape Ominous for web DSC_3512

Seascape Ominous for web DSC_3512

Seascape Ominous

I was out rowing before breakfast, because the wind was light then and would not be later on. As I rowed, the brilliant daybreak altered. A fog bank from offshore moved in and began sapping the light. Suddenly there was a bleakness on everything. I knew nothing was wrong. I appreciated the foreboding beauty. Yet I was quite aware that my heart shifted gears. I experienced an anxiety that I had no belief in. Staying inside the harbour islands I had all the reference points I needed. I took my time and continued taking pictures and in a while tied back up at the dock without anything untoward coming to pass. Yet it was some time before my body accorded with my mind and relaxed. It was a great meditation in that it led me to reflect on how often I have reacted and panicked because of atmospheric omens that switched on my adrenalin. It helped me realize that sometimes the body just needs to be endured while the mind proceeds along a reasonable course.


9 September 2021
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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