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Pullahari Stupas for web DSC_3655

Pullahari Stupas for web DSC_3655

Make a Joyful Space

Just as a joyful noise can help lead you to your own inherent joy, so can a joyful space. So make one. Spend time in your living space, being creative, making something that you like to enter into and that will give others the feeling too of joyfulness. It needn't take much money. Use what you have, along with your joyful mind. And if you can't find your joyful mind, imagine what you think your joyful mind would be like, and go from there.

This the view from the teahouse at Pullahari, looking down over the sprawl of Kathmandu. The banners ripple in the breeze, the stupas are vivid representations of our original nature, shining and pure, the spirit is uplifted. We can do this, each one of us for ourselves. Never be downhearted. You actually can pull yourself up by your own bootstraps of imagination, which comes out of joy.

28 April 2019
Texas Jim
Kathmandu, Nepal
Category:Architecture and Structures
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