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Arch DSC_8420In the Crack for web DSC_4902Great Eastern Sun Arise DSC_4905Forsythia in Snow w sig-bord DSC_4562Red Berries Silver Branches for web DSC_5937Tulsa Ice Storm 2 for web DSC_3090Thicket for web DSC_9317Winterberry Holly 4 w sig DSC_3662Winterberry Holly w sig DSC_3660Winterberry Holly 2 DSC_3659Winterberry Holly 3 DSC_3661From the Snow Exploding w border DSC_0046Field of Red w border DSC_0480Commotion in the Garden w sig for web DSC_0851Looking Out Towards the Sun w border DSC_0310Abandoned Garden w border DSC_0460The Berries w border DSC_0106Last Rays on the Rose w sig DSC_0515Honeysuckle w sig DSC_0359In Barbara's Yard DSC_0839

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