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Chimney, Steeple, and Winter Fish w sig DSC_4441

Chimney, Steeple, and Winter Fish w sig DSC_4441

Three Helpers
We are inseparable from the world around, and so there is support everywhere. A steeple not just for Christians but for all the villagers and the village's visitors, as a landmark and bringer of dignity. A fish in the form of a weathervane to let us know which way the wind blows (when it's from the north we know to put on more clothes). And a chimney to accommodate the fire below that keeps the winter in check. So a view of all three is a reminder to be thankful. In any kind of way you like. Because it helps us see we're not alone but totally connected, and can relax with that.
[Prospect, Nova Scotia]
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Keywords:canada, chimney, clouds, cod, fish, nova, prospect, roof, rooftop, scotia, silhouette, sky, snow, snow-covered, steeple, sunset, vane, weathervane, wind, windvane