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Twisted for web DSC_1051

Twisted for web DSC_1051


I did my work. People walked up and down, got on their boats and off and praised me for a while. Then the people quit coming. I don't know why. People have their reasons. And the earth beneath me kept on shifting. Just a little. But it doesn't take a lot. And now if people come they shake their heads and warn their children. That, they say, is dangerous. You will fall or it will fall with you. See how twisted it's become. "But Mama," said one little girl, "it's beautiful."

So I am twisted now. But also beautiful. You might say useless. I say not a beast of burden anymore. Who knows? The tides come and go. The seasons change. The big winds blow and disappear. Yet whatever it is that I am, I am here.

I am still here.

8 March 2021
Texas Jim
Lower Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:abandoned, age, beauty, coast, dock, granite, grass, in, long, lower, neglect, nova, old, prospect, railing, ramp, rocks, rocky, ruin, scotia, shadows, shed, twisted