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Gull on Hopson Island w sig DSC_7273

Gull on Hopson Island w sig DSC_7273

Gull Gothic
Passing Hopson Island on the seaside, I noticed this lone gull. It didn't move in the time that I was rowing by. The phrase, "Lord of all he surveys" came to mind. But then it might have been Lady of all she surveyed, for all I know. Whichever, there was a sense of royalty. I know, I know. It was a sea gull and sea gulls are greedy and savage and cruel. At least they can be. I've seen that. But I guess it's also true what they say, that every gull has its day. This one looked like it belonged on the cover of a Gothic romance.
26 July 2017
Texas Jim
Hopson Island, Nova Scotia
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