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Stage in fog with boat DSC_7278One Watching DSC_5452Moored in Fog DSC_5147Lobster Buoy and Fog DSC_2079Mojavon in fog w sig-bordHouse on Redmond Island DSC_6455Sir Barksalot Early Retirement w sig DSC_6917_02Hills of Central California for web DSC_3038Inscrutable for web DSC_2843Fog Across the Valley for web DSC_2848Foggy Hillside in Mendocino for web DSC_2836Foggy Road to Linholme for web DSC_2838Rose, Fog and Seagull DSC_0312Tern in Fog DSC_0270Catboats in Fog for web DSC_0099Conversation in the Fog 1 w sigSkiff in Fog DSC_7857When You Don't Know Your Own Mind DSC_6722Back Bay Apparition w sig DSC_7206

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