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Fourth Study in Green and Red w border DSC_0493Little Girl on Glass Beach w border DSC_0635Lunch at Hearns w sig DSC_0050Oystercatchers Together w border DSC_0304Redheads on Glass Beach w border DSC_0612Sand Ripples w border DSC_0369The Loving on Big River Beach w border DSC_0342Two Boats on a Beach w sigMoja Mama at Hearn Island for web DSC_9201Bay of Fundy Mud Flats for web DSC_0044Driftwood Relleno DSC_3498Shallows for web DSC_1060Diamond Beach 1 for web DSC_5989Sunset Behind the Dunes DSC_6172Black Shores of Iceland DSC_6129Stranded DSC_5969Vestrahorn for web DSC_6105Diamond Beach Redux for web DSC_6051DSC_5675Beauty on the Beach DSC_5759

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