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A Most Elegant Apparition DSC_0494Chinese Firecrackers w border DSC_0953Comfrey Flowers DSC_1333Daffodil and Dandelions DSC_0588Flowering Thistle Head w border DSC_0430Hummingbird w border DSC_0696Invitation from an Iris DSC_1125Lupinus polyphyllus DSC_1187Mogu Glad Rags DSC_0472Last Rays on the Rose w sig DSC_0515Poppies DSC_1559Saltwater Rose w sig DSC_1362Starburst DSC_0466A Different Light on the Lilies DSC_1401Commotion in the Garden w sig for web DSC_0851Day Lilies w sig DSC_0719Honeysuckle 2 w sig DSC_0725Honeysuckle 3 w sig DSC_0723Honeysuckle w sig DSC_0359Hydrangea w sig DSC_1418

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