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Colours of the Cossatot DSC_3119

Colours of the Cossatot DSC_3119

Colours of the Cossatot

Such mistakes, taking rock to be hard and water soft
when all along the water never wears a bit but wears rock out.
Oh see the tender rock all pink and smooth and worn
like old clothes cherished for their comfort
or an old dog that can scarcely see or walk but loves you so.
Myself the fictional tough guy I love water for wearing on me
for the holes in the fabric that reflect my true friendship with space that let me love the colours of the Cossatot as if
they were my own because they are and all the others of the
world because there are no others only us.

9 January 2018
Texas Jim
Genoa, Arkansas
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Keywords:Arkansas, Cossatot, calm, cascade, pink, pool, rapids, reflections, river, rock, sandstone, waterfall, worn