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Skitterbug at Rogues Roost for web DSC_1267

Skitterbug at Rogues Roost for web DSC_1267

Skitterbug on Tour

Skitterbug is what I call my boat sometimes because she is so light on the water. Two days ago we were out there on one of our frequent contemplative tours of the islands and inlets. This morning I am indoors, listening to the mourning doves greeting the sun, so welcome after so many grey days, and wanting to be back out there already, doing nothing but looking and listening and maybe raising the camera now and then. But practicalities must be attended to, and we all know how they come crowding in. So a few hours of attention to that before surrendering again to the call of wind and wave. Love and peace to you all. Not only is it all we need. Deep down it's everything we are.

8 April 2021
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
Category:Travel and Places
Subcategory:North America
Subcategory Detail:Canada
Keywords:atlantic, boat, cliffs, clouds, coast, granite, islands, north, oar, reflections, rocks, rocky, small, storm, water, waves