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What the Skate Saw DSC_0604

What the Skate Saw DSC_0604

What the Skate Saw
If you were a skate, a prodigiously curious skate, and it were late, and you had already ate, and you made up your mind to tempt fate, and you swam to the surface and in the dying light jumped, this is what you might see. Because skates have no cones in their eyes, so all they see is black and white. That is what I read anyway. And it seemed exactly right to go along with a shot where I took all the colour away, for my own stylistic reasons, because in this increasingly chilly and serious season I still like to play. Hey, hey, hey, hey!
8 February 2021
Texas Jim (author of Big Bertha and Little Mac)
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
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