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Back Porch in Late Winter DSC_8521

Back Porch in Late Winter DSC_8521

No Time for Tea

Lilly: It’s very nice on the back porch. Rather as if someone had spread a fine table cloth just for us. Let’s have tea there.

George: We’ve had this conversation, my love. More than once. And you always forget.

Lilly: Forget what?

George: That we’re for the dark now. Our house is dark, and our house is our home.

Lilly: That means we can’t go out?

George: No, but it’s very bright, and the brightness is painful.

Lilly: We could put on our hats. We could put on our sunglasses.

George: We could try. We don’t seem to have much of a grip anymore.

Lilly: Oh George, you act like we’re dead.

George: Oh Lilly, you act like we’re not.

Lilly: Well, I refuse to give in. I won’t do it. I won’t!

George: All right, my love, all right. We can at least venture out. Here, take my hand. Yes, like that.

Lilly: Oh George, I’ve always loved it when you take my hand. More than anything.

George: Anything?

Lilly: Yes. Because you’re everything to me.

George: Then if we just hold hands, we don’t have to go out, do we?

Lilly: No, George. You're right. I’m happy just to be here with you. Let’s stay in, after all, and just hold hands.

George: Like we always do, Lilly?

Lilly: Yes … like we always do, my love.

28 February 2024
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory:Snow and Ice
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