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Lobstering in the Light DSC_8109

Lobstering in the Light DSC_8109

Thoughts on a Silhouette

I was out on the High Head yesterday, being careful not to slip on the ice. From a vantage point out of the wind, I watched the sparkling path of the sun on the ocean. When I saw this fishing boat come through I overcame my inertia and assumed my photographer role. I thought, "What a great silhouette!" And I thought, "That must be cold, hauling traps on a day like today." And I thought, "At least they're not stuck in traffic jams from all the Christmas shopping." And then I made my way home, satisfied with my own catch and absence from said jams.

10 December 2023
Texas Jim
High Head, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Power Boats
Keywords:Atlantic, Nova, Scotia, and, black, boat, crew, fishing, light, lobstering, monochrome, north, ocean, silhouette, sparkling, sunlight, water, waves, white