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Gompa Rooftop 1

Gompa Rooftop 1

When Things Become Black and White

It was time for walking meditation, but this morning an earthquake had happened so the nuns in their hard hats were in the courtyard practicing disaster drills, in case there were aftershocks. So we couldn't walk there. So we went up to the rooftop of the gompa and walked there. And everything retained its colour except for one moment in which I envisioned everything crashing down, including me. Then everything was very black and white. And I watched that happen. And that was very interesting.

24 April 2019
Texas Jim
Kathmandu, Nepal
Category:Architecture and Structures
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Keywords:Bouda, Buddhist, Kathmandu, Nepal, and, black, building, flags, monochrome, ornaments, prayer, rooftop, several, stories, white