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Boat Unbecoming for web DSC_6827

Boat Unbecoming for web DSC_6827

All the Light Will Shine Through

The ribs of a skeleton
we find

The ribs of what once was a boat
we find however

both of these vessels they
come into being
and have to go out

They become and have to unbecome
because that is their nature

They appear but have no way to stay

Both beauty and horror exist
for the beholder only so

Look at your mind

Look at your own mind


And then let it settle
and like water unclouded by sediment
all the light will shine through

31 August 2023
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:Canada, Nova, Prospect, Scotia, and, black, boat, close-up, decaying, derelict, frame, monochrome, old, ribs, ruin, weathered, white, wood