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Splash Not the Bird DSC_2072

Splash Not the Bird DSC_2072

The Splash Not The Bird

I looked at several shots of this bird. In all but one, it was sitting in the water, floating around, probably keeping an eye out for crabs it could snatch up. In all of those, everything was sharply in focus. But the only one that grabbed me was this one, in which the bird is blurred but the splash it made in leaving sharply in focus. Part of me voted for the all-in-focus. But the winner was the splash-in-focus. I can't tell you why. I thought I could. I began this description thinking I could. I even made up a special drink to help me ruminate - Tanqueray with dragon fruit and grapefruit juice. I've had several sips and it's very good, but nothing's coming up special because of it. Maybe it has something to do with it being our actions that are remembered rather than who we really are. Or maybe not. Facebook also brought up a picture today of me and my mother together several years ago, just before she died. You know, one of the ones they suggest you re-share. And I started to and say something about that too. But I couldn't do that either. I think for some reason my heart is just too full this morning to do more than dance around the subject before flying off.

16 May 2021
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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