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Blue Chip Near the End w sig-bord DSC_2836

Blue Chip Near the End w sig-bord DSC_2836

The Every Night and Every Day Uncertainty

Blue Chip has been my neighbour Johnny's boat for 40 years. This year will be the last. It's a younger man's boat. Where she goes, nobody knows, just as if she were to sail out into a thick fog with no reference point.

It's the same for us. Only more so. Every night we go to sleep not knowing if morning will come for us. Every day we venture out not knowing what dangers the day holds. And this is whether we are young or not. This is our common condition and we feel it, often strongly, often anxiously, often fearfully. Some say it's possible that boats have feeling spirits. But we certainly do. And in the end we have no reference point.

If you have courage, therefore, courage without reference point, share it. Even if it is only in your mind, when you feel anxious or afraid, let that trigger a moment of realizing that multitudes of others are feeling the same. At that moment, send out your courage to them. See your courage as a white cloud, refreshing and pure, and send that out. Take in their fear like a cloud of stifling sickening black smoke and let it be dissipated by your blazing good heart.

You can do it. We can do it. Every day and every night. It will help hold us together. Just try it. It can't hurt. You might even feel better from having shifted attention away from yourself.

13 August 2021
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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