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Chignecto Mariner Looking Back

Chignecto Mariner Looking Back

Meeting on the Water
I didn't bother them with stopping. Captain Burt and his crew on the Chignecto Mariner were working. But I know them and they me so we had a glance. My glance was probably a tad more revealing as I was looking through a telephoto lens. The next day, however, Captain Burt when he saw me made a point of calling me over and throwing me a couple of lobsters. So there's something solitary in my life lived mostly in my house or on the ocean, but there's a passing friendliness too that means the world to me. Never underestimate a passing friend. The regard in their hearts is real.
17 May 2022
Texas Jim
Off Prospect, Nova Scotia
Subcategory Detail:Power Boats
Keywords:Cape, Islander, Nova, Prospect, Scotia, crew, from, lobsterboat, maritimes, stern, telephoto, the, view