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Idyllic Autumn in McGrath's Cove DSC_7866

Idyllic Autumn in McGrath's Cove DSC_7866

Taking and Giving

As a Buddhist, one way I have of praying for others is to do 'tonglen' or 'taking and giving'. You start by arousing compassion. It's traditional to think of one's mother and the unfathomable compassion she showed you. Then you breathe in the suffering of those for whom you are praying, and you breathe out to them relief. These two photos represent suffering and relief. The first is the burnt-down water tower at the family home in Mendocino, a 10,000 gallon barrel that long ago held wine. My sister and others in Mendocino and elsewhere in California are without water and among fire and smoking ashes. The second photo I took yesterday in McGrath's Cove, Nova Scotia, cool and peaceful with rain clouds and idyllic autumn colours in late afternoon light. If you would like to join with me in a little tonglen, sit quietly letting your thoughts go for a few minutes, then arouse compassion, then breathe in the black clouds of hot dark thick awful smoke from California, into your heart where the coolness of your compassion lays them to rest, then breathe out to each and every sufferer there the essence of this rich cool colorful peaceful promising evening in Nova Scotia, so that they are relieved and can rest and recover. Then sit quietly for a few more minutes. If you like, you can say Amen when you're done.

11 October 2017
Texas Jim
McGrath's Cove, Nova Scotia
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