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Joe's Boat and Traps for web DSC_8355

Joe's Boat and Traps for web DSC_8355

Heart of the Harbour
They are more expensive,
all the others, more well kept.
What is known on them are fun times
dashing over the waves, drink in hand
but the heart of the harbour is undeniable.
When the fishing stops the village will be
other than itself. Newcomers, though they hear
the stories or have an idea, will never know
how it was, really, to discover harvest
in the cradle of the deep, and live
a life somewhat beyond
the shallows in that way.
8 July 2020
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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Keywords:atlantic, boat, calm, cape, coast, dock, fisherman, fishing, granite, harbour, homemade, islander, lobster, maritimes, north, nova, ocean, reflections, rocks, rocky, scotia, sea, traps