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A Grackle's Own Mind DSC_9181

A Grackle's Own Mind DSC_9181

A Grackle's Own Mind

I put birdseed out for the little birds, the songbirds. That's my idea, my human idea. So I buy the right size feeder and the right size feed. And when the grackles come and chase away the little birds, I go out and chase away the grackles. I could build up a case against the grackles as bullies, and I do. I could even describe their eyes in a way that would make them seem malicious. But from their perspective they are just getting what they need to get. It's completely pure, what they are doing. So this picture, which is for Andy Sharp because they are his favourite birds, is about just letting them go for it and relaxing. I've got plenty of seed. The little birds will have plenty of chances. <3

30 April 2018
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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