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Inscrutable for web DSC_2843

Inscrutable for web DSC_2843

Episode 99. Little Mac's Poem of Inscrutable Joy

Inscrutable is not a poker face
not in the higher reaches

the fog rises out of joy
the evergreens appear and disappear
in a dance of delight

Nothing is hidden to gain an advantage
A truly inscrutable mind is a mystery
out in the open

Unfathomable joy
from which the little mysteries of misery
try to hide

like mice from the claws
of a plummeting hawk
coming out of the fog but

too late!

30 November 2018
Texas Jim
Linholme, near Redwood Valley, California
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Keywords:California, canyon, clouds, dawn, daybreak, fog, mendocino, mist, morning, mountain, mountains, redwood, redwoods, reeves, ridges, rising, valley, vapor, vapour