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Fog Across the Valley for web DSC_2848

Fog Across the Valley for web DSC_2848

Verde, Verde, Como Te Quiero Verde

Not long ago, it was clouds of smoke over the slopes as Paradise burned a hundred and fifty miles away. My sister says the smoke from that swept in like a dust storm. But now we've had rain for days so this is vapour rising from the saturated ground on the slopes across the valley. The danger of fire goes away and the danger of mudslides takes its place. Yet the mystery abides, and the invitation to hang out in the mystery. Especially now that it's a cool moist mystery.

29 November 2018
Texas Jim
Linholme, near Redwood Valley, California
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Keywords:and, black, california, contemplative, distance, fog, forest, ghostly, haunting, linholme, mendocino, monochrome, oriental, peaceful, ranges, redwood, skyline, spiritual, sunrise, valley, white, woods