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Skiff in Fog DSC_7857

Skiff in Fog DSC_7857

I Know a Wave

They say communications are shrinking the world
yet my family home is burning
and I cannot smell the smoke.

In this other country
the fog is flameproof and cool.
Even rowing hard I cannot break a sweat.

The vineyard, the olive grove, the cherries and pear trees
are in ashes, and the turkeys we tried to keep out.
I knew a story about a bear and me.

Mom? Dad? You went first so you are spared
but little sister who took care of you is there yet
and not done grieving. And now this.

I know a wave out past the islands. Says it came
from Mars. I cannot bear the smoke I cannot smell.
This lying wave and I are going home.

9 October 2017
Texas Jim
Prospect, Nova Scotia
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