Beautiful Boat DSC_0076Lone Boat Far Off DSC_8172Old Dock - At Your Own Risk DSC_9482Man Docking a Boat for web DSC_9450The Rocks in the Middle Distance DSC_0010Along the Waterfront for web DSC_9282The House on Saul Island DSC_9222Looking Through to the Harbour for web DSC_9034Foggy Plunge w border DSC_0102Early Evening with Distant Lobster Boat for web DSC_8168Where the Harbor Begins for web DSC_8154Prospect a Village by the Sea DSC_8117Well Moored for web DSC_7720Latter Days DSC_7692Our Village of Prospect for web DSC_7605Shore Birds Sharing w sig for web DSC_6660Setting Off in the Fog w sig for web DSC_6699Prospect Village from Saul Island w sig for web DSC_4586Morning with Rickety Tough Dock w sig for web DSC_4481Misty Morning w sig DSC_4466

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