Lone Boat Far Off DSC_8172Prospect from the Sea DSC_9609Prelude to a Rainy Night DSC_9488Downtown Prospect Nova Scotia DSC_9456Who Knows Where the Time Goes for web DSC_9398Circle Round the Sun for web DSC_9208Moja Mama at Sea for web DSC_9206Seagull Cloud DSC_9053Upstairs at the Old Bed and Breakfast DSC_8918_01Little Gull Island DSC_8872_01Snowy Walk to the Mouth of Shad Bay DSC_8862Moon over the Salt Marsh DSC_8805Between Sea and Sky DSC_8800_01Not Very Much and Then Nothing At All for web DSC_8315_02Early Evening with Distant Lobster Boat for web DSC_8168Study - Granite Coast for web DSC_8145The Big Picture for web DSC_8179Where the Harbor Begins for web DSC_8154Sky King DSC_8182North Atlantic Light for web DSC_7698

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