Boat - This Is It for web DSC_9492Nova Scotia Colour for web DSC_8905The Way In Is Not The Way Out DSC_8858Rockin' at the Dover Docks for web DSC_8840Fishing Stage - Peggy's Cove - Sideview for web DSC_8850Bertha's Boat w border DSC_3851Blue Struggle 2 for web DSC_8503How We Were DSC_7393_01Heading Out Forever DSC_7362Gull with Catch DSC_8250Fisherboy DSC_8188Prospect a Village by the Sea DSC_8117Prospect Village Limits for web DSC_8050_01Not Long Now - Workboats of Nova Scotia for web DSC_7729Latter Days DSC_7692Solitude after Sundown for web DSC_7600Looking for Lobster Bait w sig DSC_7311_01Angling for Mackerel w sig DSC_7296Severance in the Back Bay w sig for web DSC_4598Company Coming w sig DSC_4408