Red House on the Curve for web DSC_7803High Head Path w sig for web DSC_4359Train Tracks Colour DSC_0980Train Tracks bw w sig DSC_0980The Short Pole and the Bird on the Tracks w border DSC_0558RR Overpass at Young St 2 w border DSC_0957RR Overpass at Young St 2 BW w border DSC_0957RR Overpass at Young St 1 w border DSC_0955RR Overpass at Young St 4 w border DSC_0947Through a Crack in the Asphalt w border DSC_0171The Path Through the Shadows w border DSC_0295-RGBThe Path Through The Lost Redwoods w border DSC_0204The Nothing Billboard w border DSC_0155The 101 That Was w border DSC_0168Shapes in the Woods w border DSC_0826Roads of Linholme w sig DSC_0816Roads of Linholme w border DSC_0440Roads of Linholme - Sunshine Road w border DSC_0775On the Road Again w border DSC_0627And When You Come to the Curve by the Cove, There It Is w border DSC_0552

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