Bird Behind Blinds DSC_9236Seagulls on a Roof DSC_9210Conversation in the Fog 1 w sigGrackle Preening DSC_9198A Grackle's Own Mind DSC_9181Portrait of a Grackle for web DSC_9171Northern Flicker for web DSC_9158Grackle Talks to God DSC_9145Dove with Head Turned for web DSC_9123Dove from Above DSC_9127Dove Fluffed Up DSC_9120Storm Light for web DSC_8937Starlings Foraging DSC_0004Shore Bird 3  w border DSC_0130Seagulls Leaving a Roof DSC_6476Tern on a Buoy DSC_6656Shorebird Solitude DSC_6205Gull with Catch DSC_8250Three Geese DSC_8213All Together Now DSC_8215

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