Crow and Bow DSC_7800Pheasant for web DSC_7721Erratics and Crane for web DSC_7650Crane and Seagull w sig   DSC_7661Young Gull in Flight w sig  DSC_7662Seagull - I Will Fly Away DSC_7554Cormorants and Clouds for web DSC_7553Duck on Seaweed for web DSC_7504Duck on Seaweed 3 for web DSC_7506Duck on Seaweed 2 for web DSC_7505Duck on Seaweed 4 for web DSC_7507Crane on Clark's Island w sig DSC_7358Gull on AM 62 w sig for web DSC_7339Cormorants - Back Bay w sig DSC_7343Gull on Hopson Island w sig DSC_7273Shore Birds Sharing w sig for web DSC_6660Gull - I'm Sorry What Was the Question w sig DSC_5734Severance in the Back Bay w sig for web DSC_4598Company Coming w sig DSC_4408Lobstering in the Snow w sig DSC_4409_01

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