Boat - This Is It for web DSC_9492Minou off Morning Island DSC_9525Old Islander on Skidway for web DSC_9494Man Docking a Boat for web DSC_9450Catboat with Houses Behind DSC_9336Miss Paddy's Head and Paddy's Head Light for web DSC_9296Red Boat Yellow Boat for web DSC_9307Catboat Reflections DSC_9278Two Catboat Harbour DSC_9271Sundown and Catboat DSC_9274Harbour Hopper and Ferry DSC_9265Nova Scotia The Granite Coast for web DSC_9253Moja Mama at Sea for web DSC_9206Moja Mama on the Skids for web DSC_9202Moja Mama at Hearn Island for web DSC_9201Lineage for web DSC_9070_01Rockin' at the Dover Docks for web DSC_8840Bold Facade of the Past DSC_8836Bertha's Boat w border DSC_3851Blue Struggle 2 for web DSC_8503

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