Moja Mama and the north Atlantic DSC_8071_01Nuthin Wrong for web DSC_8093Moja Mama off Morning Island in the Afternoon for web DSC_8070Idyllic Autumn in McGrath's Cove DSC_7866Skiff in Fog DSC_7857Red House on the Curve for web DSC_7803Rough Sailing - As Far As We Can DSC_7793Workboats of Nova Scotia No 2 DSC_7730Well Moored for web DSC_7720Not Long Now - Workboats of Nova Scotia for web DSC_7729Home Work for web DSC_7731Where Old Boats Go for web DSC_7597Minou at Her Mooring for web DSC_7568Dan's Skiff for web DSC_7533Soft Sea Sailing w sig DSC_7312Severance in the Back Bay w sig for web DSC_4598Mojavon Beached on Saul Island w sig for web DSC_4594Back Bay Feast  w sig DSC_4611Selfie Where There's No Self w sig DSC_4411Company Coming w sig DSC_4408

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